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faceebook data scandal


The world’s largest network company, Facebook, has resulted in the largest penalty imposed in the sub-London case so far, the US regular has sanctioned $ 500 million worth of Facebook fines for about Rs 34000 crore. This action is about loopholes in the privacy and security of social networking.

According to the Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Consumer Protection Agency, the Federal Trade Commission of DC, had sanctioned from 3 votes against the cases disposed of in the case. If the agency had agreed to pay the time for disagreement, then the case against Facebook would be closed.  In the case of infringement of the result, the highest penalty has been imposed on SC’s behalf,  There is still a lot to go.

 An explanation has not yet been released

A detailed explanation of the decision of the AirTec has not yet been released. It is expected that Facebook may face certain sanctions regarding the use of personal data of consumers. Although the Consumer Group Public Knowledge lawyer Charlotte said I have strict restrictions. however, We are not aware of the important aspects of the settlement. It is not even aware that whether Facebook is in the business mode  -There will be no change or change

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